Become a VFTimes writer.

We are always looking to recruit competent writers that can help us extend our coverage about digital money, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

A good candidate would be living in one of the world’s areas in which the cryptosphere is blooming so that they can build contacts, find sources, and acquire an expert-level knowledge that will give their articles an edge. We hire freelancers and full-time writers alike, and from any country in the world.

Your job will be:

To write engaging and readable articles that are still meticulously realistic, so you support us (VFTimes) in our 24/7 coverage of the crypto world.

To do research, to check facts and to do your own analysis.

Attending crypto conferences and events, then reporting on breakthroughs and relevant news.

Building an information source-base at the relevant companies and organizations, meeting and interviewing with the industry’s leaders.

If you’re interested, you should probably meet with the following requisites:

  • Experience in journalistic writing.
  • Experience at source-interacting and management. Also interviewing leaders.
  • Social media expertise, preferably with active personal social media accounts.
  • Expertise in writing SEO-friendly texts for the web.
  • Adaptability and eagerness to learn.
  • An ability to meet with multiple deadlines, come up with your own story ideas and pitch them, and be a team worker for innovative stories.
  • Excitement about digital assets, decentralized technology, blockchain technology, and finances (both traditional and fintech).
  • Seriousness about accuracy and fact-checking.

The applying process:

If you’re interested in joining our writing team, please send an email to, with your resumé or Curriculum Vitae, two to three samples of articles of your authorship published in the past, a short cover letter telling us why you want to join us and your favorite meme (if you wish)!

Guidelines for Guest Contributors

We are always open to publishing material in a variegated range of topics that we think are both relevant and enjoyable for our audience. If you are something of an opinion leader about crypto or a truly expert crypto enthusiast and there’s something you have to say, then contact us, please!

Your article will have better chances of being published if you take into account the following points.

  • Write excitingly and engagingly, please. If you are passionate about the subject you’re writing about, let your passion show in the article.
  • You’re writing for virtual money/crypto experts, enthusiasts and novices. So adapt your writing style to accommodate your audience.
  • We like originality and authenticity. That’s why we’re always looking for people who can approach an issue from an unusual angle. As long as the piece is well-researched, backed with data and logical arguments, we’ll be willing to publish it.
  • Articles are not ads. We don’t deal with self-promoters, and we’re not going to do any backlinking. That being said, every author will be clearly credited and will be able to have one link to his or her project.

If you’re still undecided, you can ask us for some of our guest contributions here.