Editorial Policy

The Policy.

We are devoted to a strict editorial policy conducted in terms of trust, transparency, objectivity and carefully choosing only high-quality sources.

Devotion to transparency

Our writers always disclose any interest they could have invested in any digital asset or blockchain project mentioned in an article. When they do, they inform the reader by including a disclaimer at the article’s end. We are devoted to transparency.

We check all our facts meticulously

Good information can only be delivered with the maximum possible objectivity. Every single one of our articles is checked by a professional editor who makes sure that every fact in the text is objective and neutral.

We choose only the highest quality sources

We do not publish click-bait. We only publish stories that have been already thoroughly researched by our writers and editors or by legitimate news agencies. We’re also honest and transparent. When we are quoting sources we more likely would also tell you who they are and how to find them on your own.

Copyright Issues

Our writers only use pictures and quotes on the public domain. If any piece of original material by other owners or creators is always attributed properly to the source.


Our authors are very well informed experts on the subject. So we do allow them to publish opinion articles every now and then. That doesn’t mean that VFTimes agrees or supports every opinion published by the site’s writers.

Strict Advertising Guidelines

We only take advertising from projects as transparent as ours. If an advertiser is of the “guaranteed return” type, uses deceptive marketing, or isn’t open and honest about its team members, then we just don’t take its business.