September 7, 2019

HTC’s new Exodus 1 to support BAT and other tokens out-of-the-box


The mobile for the age of crypto

The new crypto-enabled Exodus 1 phone, manufactured by the Taiwanese company HTC is not far from arriving in the market. The new device is geared towards cryptocurrency use and protecting the user’s privacy. It will support swap 60+ ERC 20 tokens (Kyber Network, KNW; Basic Attention Token, BAT; DAI are among those). And that’s just one of many exciting features.

It comes with Opera 3.0 as its default browser, which, unlike Google’s Chrome privileges the user’s privacy, and it also facilitates cryptocurrency transactions. The new phone allows users to call for ETH, BTC, and LTC requests. It also enables them to access decentralized applications in the cryptosphere on their mobile, using Opera.

There’s a built-in wallet on the phone. It features Kyber Network liquidity that enables users to transact directly into the blockchain they want without recourse to a third-party exchange or platform. The Exodus 1 (successor to the Exodus, by the same company which is also geared towards crypto) will allow HTC to keep their techiest users on their toes, and help bring the cryptosphere closer to the mainstream.

Phil Chen, the company’s Decentralized Chief Officer, had this to say about the new phone’s features:

“The Bitcoin blockchain is about 200 [gigabytes], and it’s growing about 60 gigs per year. And those numbers are reasonable to hold on a smartphone. Imagine the iPod with 256 gigs … of course, the music fan wants to keep the whole music library, but the crypto fan wants to keep the whole Bitcoin blockchain.”

HTC will be revealing further details about the new device gradually, including other features and price ranges. But it seems clear that HTC wants a broader user base, so the chances are that the new device will be significantly cheaper than the company’s first crypto-enabled device. But those are rumors, not news.

A mobile Bitcoin node

Another feature (and this one is indeed confirmed) is that the mobile will be able to run a fully functional node for the Bitcoin network out-of-the-box. That won’t include mining (which hasn’t been discarded for future versions), but it will be otherwise complete using a shorter version of the Bitcoin blockchain. That being said, the mobile will also support additional storage options so that users who want to run their node based on the full 200 GB blockchain can do it by just adding a microSD card.

HTC is betting on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to have the edge over the mobile world’s big players (Samsung and Apple, mainly) which is why it released its Exodus phone last year and the new device sometime during the current year.

How much of a role will HTC play in moving the crypto verse into the mainstream? It’s anybody’s guess for now. But this is the company that produced the first Android-based smartphone, so if we go by precedents, things look perfect for HTC and for crypto.

So HTC will be an integral part of two worlds: the mobile industry and the crypto verse. It will be exciting to see how the new product affects things on both. We’ll be watching closely and reporting back to you.

[Image courtesy of Flicker]

Disclaimer: All information provided through this article should not be regarded as investment advice, nor should be taken for granted for crypto trading purposes. Before making any investment or trading plans, make sure to inquire about the information diligently by carrying out your very own research. Thank you.

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