June 9, 2019
Digital Finance

MoneyGram meets KyckGlobal


MoneyGram, one of the leading remittance services in the American continent and the world, announced that it would strive to serve a new market. It will partner up with KyckGlobal so that gig economy workers in the US can have their work paid through its platform.

The gig economy in the US is a sector that includes roughly 60 million persons who prefer, mostly, to be paid in cash daily.

“As a result of our partnership with MoneyGram, we can now better serve these workers by providing them with quick and convenient access to receive their hard-earned money in cash,” said Sam Wheeler, who serves as KyckGlobal’s CRO.

Alex Holmes, MoneyGram’s Chairman and CEO also had something to say about the new announcement,

“This partnership is a great example of how we continue to execute our growth strategy to capitalize on the strength of our leading digital and physical network to serve new customers, in new ways. We’re thrilled to partner with another innovative fintech company that seamlessly plugged into our API-driven platform to deliver both choice and convenience for consumers.”

KyckGlobal’s business is to integrate with more companies in such a way that the complicated business of managing and paying contract workers is streamlined and simplified, even automatized up to a point. Both companies lead the way in their respective specialties, and they’re looking forward to using their new partner’s expertise to keep growing, moving forward and serving their customers better.

Matt Frye, Head of Digital Revenue at MoneyGram explained,

“Over the last few years, MoneyGram has invested heavily to upgrade its technology infrastructure and build APIs so more companies can quickly integrate into our platform and we can thereby connect more people with our award-winning services. We’re thrilled to announce this partnership with KyckGlobal, and we look forward to growing this relationship and others in the months and years ahead.”

Among the efforts to bring the company’s technology into the 21st century, is the adoption of Ripple’s software, network and cryptocurrency to facilitate the international remittance business which is at MoneyGram’s heart.


MoneyGram is one of the global leaders in international money transfers and payment services. It enables people all around the world (friends, family, even business partners in some cases) to transfer value between 200 countries on the planet. Compared with the traditional bank international transfer, MoneyGram’s service is quick, cheap and reliable.

The company’s platform is innovative, and it supports the digital and physical network that leads the industry. It boasts a dominant global financial settlement engine, an infrastructure based in cloud computing with integrated APIs, and it’s cautious about compliance, so it excels in customer protection.


KyckGlobal is a fintech firm based on cloud technology. The company’s philosophy is that flexible and efficient means of payment can help companies to incentivize and retain their talent, so that’s what they do for their customers.

They implement flexible e-invoicing procedures with several levels of payment types, frequency, and means of delivery. This approach to payment systems also improves loyalty as it allows workers to manage their compensation, accounting, and compliance dynamically.

The company is barely a year old, but it’s already a leading firm in the world from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

[Image courtesy of PixaBay]

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